How We Developed Illustrations For Cowrywise Roundup 2019

When I joined Cowrywise I was tasked with creating digital illustrations and animated content for the brand. Aligning myself to the brand’s tone of voice was challenging and it took a couple of tries to finally get it right. Even when I thought I had gotten it right, a new challenge presented itself. The Cowrywise Roundup 2019.

The Cowrywise Roundup is an annual report where your financial habit for the year is analyzed and put together for you in a beautiful way. It’s a great way to make your users feel the brand has the user’s best interest at heart.

Once the idea and the road-map for the project were drawn, it was time to execute. We decided to use animals to represent how our user’s results. These animals were the Butterfly, Cougar, Fox and the Macaw.

My task

Initial Sketches for Cowrywise Roundup 2019

After showing the team these sketches. We thought that we had something going so I moved on to the next stage. I created vector illustrations for them.

Initial vector illustrations for Cowrywise Roundup 2019

The roadblock


Final sketches for Cowrywise Roundup

After the team approved the sketches I proceeded in creating the vector illustrations for them.

Final Vector illustrations for Cowrywise Roundup 2019




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